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How to export to Iraq?

How to export to Iraq?


What we need to know before exporting to Iraq.

Iraq is a country with various situations and rich and rich culture and civilization, Iraq is a country located in the Middle East and Southwest Asia.

It borders Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to the south, Iran to the east, Jordan and Syria to the west, and Turkey to the north.

Iraq also has water borders with other Arab countries in the Persian Gulf.

Iraqi economy:

With about 43 billion barrels of oil reserves, Iraq translates into an oil-based economy, and all of its foreign revenues come from oil and oil revenues.

Due to the war and international sanctions, almost all of Iraq’s productive infrastructure was in trouble.

Research spaces in Iraq have changed a lot based on international approaches.

In recent years, it has inflicted a lot of devastation on the country due to international sanctions and the war with the United States, and the war against ISIS.

The construction materials and construction industry are one of the excellent economic options in Iraq.

In general, the infrastructure industry in this country has created good opportunities for domestic and foreign economic activities.

Highlights before exporting to Iraq:

According to the Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control of Iraq, the following items are required for export to Iraq.

  1. Sales invoice (in Arabic and English)
  2. Certificate of Origin (in Arabic and English)
  3. Health certificate from the Health Monitoring Organization (for food products)
  4. Inspection confirmation of BV, SGS companies

Obtaining a license (certified to the COC) from two companies, SGS (Swiss) and BV (French).

  1. Commodity declaration list

6.Packing list

  1. Obtaining customer satisfaction standard
  1. Obtaining ISO standard
  1. Test report
  1. Report of the Department of Environment
  1. Confirmation of manufacturing of goods from the standard organization

All the documents required for export to Iraq can be increased or decreased depending on the type of goods.

List of goods allowed for export to Iraq:

Before taking any action to export goods, you must inquire through the Customs and the Chamber of Commerce (Iran-Iraq Business Advisor) for the list of goods allowed to be exported to Iraq.

Customer acquisition methods in Iraq:

You can contact Iraqi businessmen in the following areas or sub-areas of your products.

  1. Through traders located in the border markets of Iran and Iraq
  1. Through Al-Suq Al-Muttuh or OLX
  1. Use Facebook WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, and WeChat business groups
  1. Participate in international exhibitions located in this country
  1. Using the MISWAY application or the MISWAY website with three languages: Arabic, English, and Kurdish
  1. Using the DAKAKENNA website A successful model of e-commerce in Iraq
  1. Use the DALALI website
  1. Use the IRAQ FREE MARKET application

To export to Iraq, you need to be well acquainted with the extent and manner of its trade with other countries in the world.

Among the various countries in the world that trade with Iraq, China, Turkey, and India is more common.

China has 28.64%, Turkey 27.4%, and India 6%, respectively.

The mood of Iraqi businessmen:

Iraqi businessmen are very risky people. And this has made it easier for them to spend the act of trust most of the time and to be able to easily communicate with you for cooperation.

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