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How to find customers in the world?

How to find customers in the world?

One of the most significant difficulties for companies is to start exporting to find customers in the world. This is one of the three export barriers faced by the company to enter international trade.

 The world always operates in supply and demand since nations never produce all that they devour. Likewise, the “law of relative benefit” shows that a few nations produce better essential products than others and lower costs. Therefore, entrepreneurs must know how to find this information.

 Export is an opportunity to diversify your consumer market, make your business less dependent on internal economic fluctuations, and avoid the default and credit problems that many businesses are currently experiencing.

 There are many forms of prospecting in foreign markets with creative customer finding. But first, you have to know its production capacity, financial resources, human resources for production and development, and export plans.

 Language control, English and Spanish, and access and control via the Internet (websites) are also important.

 Whenever possible, try to participate in activities, fairs, and commercial activities to improve the qualifications of entrepreneurs to engage in foreign trade. You can also use the channels of commerce of various countries to find customers in the world.

Worldwide customer search

 However, it is also possible to find suppliers outside of international trade shows or among non-Alibaba suppliers. Several national and international directories contain information on manufacturers and traders who can become your global customers. These directories include Kompass, Europages, Global sources, Lynkos, etc., many of which are paid.

 Even if you are not subscribed to paid services, you can also search some websites for free and use Google to search for providers and companies. With Google, you will find thousands of results, but dynamic information will update based on what is available on the web.

 To facilitate this search for foreign clients, Intradebook has developed a tool called InBusiness that can perform selective searches. Use the Harmonized System rate classifications and result filters to do a Google search and then save this information to your directory.

 If you want to find customers in the world, consider these points

 Use the leading social platforms.

 Not being able to talk about politics on social media doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be on social media all the time. Make sure you are constantly using and updating your social media accounts and on all major platforms. This means Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

 Ignore small social media platforms.

 If you want to start attracting a large number of global customers from all over the world, focus your attention on large platforms. Small networks are not worth wasting time, and creative customer finding doesn’t work on them.

 Embrace the digital economy.

 The world is a digital place, and it must be treated that way. Although family stores and brick-and-mortar stores have their place, they are not conducive to large significant brands. When you can use the power of the Internet to sell information and subscriptions around the world, why only sell physical products in your town or city?

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