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Importance and goals of international marketing

Importance and goals of international marketing

International marketing is trading goods and services from one country to potential buyers in other countries to make some profit. International marketing application includes the production and sale of goods and services in more than one country.

What is International Marketing?

International marketing is selling products and services from one country to potential purchasers in other parts of the world. International marketing application is significant for the individuals who are working in this field. For example, Ford, headquartered in the United States, exports German-made cars to other countries. For this reason, this type of marketing is sometimes referred to as global marketing. It is necessary to explain that the concept, steps, and principles of international marketing strategy have a legal aspect and are applicable in all markets and countries. Therefore, the difference between international and domestic marketing is related to their field of activity.

The importance of Global marketing

Nowadays, the world is a small village. The economic resources, technology, and living standards of a country depend on other countries’ economies, which are interconnected through complex flows of goods, services, capital, and technology. Countries raise their production and make more profit through global exchanges.

Through imports (importing products mainly), they get products that they cannot produce themselves, and through exports, they ship manufactured goods to other parts of the world. Although a country may have various manufacturing factors and be able to make a variety of products, it will not be able to produce them all at a low cost. The leading cause of international business is obviously the difference in prices of products and services between nations.

The main goals Global marketing

  • To enhance free trade globally and bring all countries together for business.
  • To raise globalization by combining the economies of different nations.
  • Establishing business relations between different parts of the world.
  • Promoting social and cultural understandings
  • By inviting developing countries to enter the international market to help developing countries’ economic and industrial growth, thereby reducing the gap between developed and developing countries.
  • Worldwide resource management
  • Export and import products globally and give out profits among all engaging countries.
  • To establish global fair trade

International marketing strategy is crucial for participating countries. If the strategy of a country fails in international markets, it will result in dire economic situations. So, the application of a well-founded strategy is essential for countries and companies.

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