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Iran B2B is growing rapidly, but what does B2B actually mean?

Iran B2B is growing rapidly, but what does B2B actually mean?

Iran B2B business is a business type between two businesses (firms) inside and outside Iran. If this business is done through the Internet, intranet, or private networks, it is called B2B e-commerce.

B2B business, also known as business marketing or industrial marketing, stands for Business To Business. This type of business involves purchasing and selling our products and providing services between companies and organizations. In the B2B business model, customers are no longer individuals, but companies and organizations communicate without intermediaries. Simply put, in B2B marketing, two or more companies, organizations, institutions, raw material suppliers, manufacturers of consumer goods exchange their products or services with each other.

The B2B business model includes operations such as exchanging information, data, ordering, buying, selling, etc. It aims to create a safe and easy process between raw material producers, producers of various goods, sellers, and distributors for direct communication. With the advent of this model, many intermediaries will be left out in Iran or any part of the world, which is precisely why Iran B2B has been able to gain a large share of the capital market since its inception.

Every company needs a series of raw materials and services to be able to produce products or services. These services and products themselves may be raw materials or services required by another company, creating a chain of sales between companies. Due to more accessible access to the Internet, this type of marketing is done in bulk online sales. One example of b2b in Iran is Vitrinnet.

B2B transactions

B2B and B2C transactions in the world of communications and cyberspace have also been able to have a special place among the world’s people. As the end-users of goods, the general public is more familiar with B2C sites as advertisements or online stores. But successful sites in the world, such as Alibaba ( with the correct knowledge of B2B business, have established effective communication between traders and economic agents in the world. By browsing these types of websites, it can be found that producers and economic agents in East Asia, such as China, have the largest share in the use of these types of sites due to targeting various global markets. One example of b2b in Iran is the ecasb website.

What are the benefits of Iran B2B?

The benefits of B2B e-commerce can vary depending on the type used, but overall this type of business includes many benefits such as:

  • Improve service delivery and reduce errors
  • Remove paper and reduce administrative costs
  • High speed of work and delivery of orders
  • Eliminate distributors and retailers who harm the quality and price of services and products
  • Ability to mass-produce custom
  • Reduce costs and time for buyers
  • Increase flexibility in production
  • Reduce the costs

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