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Terms and Conditions

Gereh Market Rules

1. The rules of the Gereh market are following the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and are international law.
2. The user undertakes to enter all the information requested by the Gereh market correctly.
3. Gereh Market respects and respects the private information of persons who use the Services of the Site
(Gereh Market undertakes to protect your privacy as much as possible).

By registering their advertisement in the Gereh market, they confirm. That ad will not include the following items.
Inconsistent with the current laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Bonn International.
Violates people’s privacy.
Any insult to the country’s official religions, customs, customs, ethnicities, dialects, and dialects,
Using a tool to include images of people in ads, unnecessarily inserting photos of people’s faces, or using children’s photos to introduce goods and services that are not addressed to children,
any kind of political, social, or religious advertisements and advertisements that are not commercial,
Intrusion tools or tutorials, sabotage, lock breaking, hacking and cracking,
pyramid networks and similar illegal and unauthorized economic activities,
Any type of contest, lottery, gambling, and lottery.
Any goods that promote violence and harm others, for example, firearms and cold weapons
Drug-related goods and services
Services related to dating, dating, family counseling,
Advertisements of confidentiality, concubines, and marriage,
Buying and selling organs
Request cash or down payment assistance for long-distance transactions,
Services and goods in which fraud is observed,
Buying and selling animals, birds, and reptiles wild and flesh-eating,
Repeatedly inserting the same ads even with different titles in one day,
Resend an ad that hasn’t passed more than 24 hours since the user deleted it,
The existence of incorrect sentences in terms of spelling or writing
Any misuse of the mobile number or e-mail address of others is prosecuted and the advertiser is held responsible and the Gereh market is not responsible for this.

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