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The process of customer finding

The process of customer finding

Everyone knows that the most challenging part of starting a business is customer finding. Just having a product or service that you are sure many people need does not guarantee to find customers. As you know, the importance of customer finding will emerge from the moment you start your business. Just because you start a business does not mean that a customer will find your shop, website, or social media pages. You have to shake yourself and go after the customer.

How to find new potential customers and increase our sales?

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Use business perspectives on social media

Do not try to sell your products and services on people’s social media pages, but try to connect with them. Leave a comment on their posts and reply to their tweets. Tag them in your posts,


Attend meetings and seminars that your potential clients may attend

If you have done this but have not been contacted, try new marketing groups. The importance of customer finding is totally essential for your business. Look in the newspapers and see what organizations are holding events that may appeal to your target market. Then attend those events.

For customer finding, use several small ads instead of one large ad

If most people in your field use print advertising to attract customers, you should do the same. Get rid of the idea of big ads that will appear on highway billboards. Use smaller ads for more extended periods in the same publications as your competitors.

Advertising in magazines and newspapers

Although newspaper subscriptions have declined in recent years, they are still a valuable option for customer finding. If your target market is 60 and older, you may prefer to advertise in local newspapers or specialty magazines because older consumers still rely on them for information.

Internet advertisements

 How to find new potential customers and increase our sales? Go for advertising on online media because it is probably the most effective way. Of course, it is based on the type of buyers. Advertise on Instagram and various sites to see which one is more effective.


 Attracting customers using networking and communication is a cheap way to attract new customers and a way to attract high-quality customers. Introducing customers become more inclined to buy over time and thus become a source for introducing more customers.

Profitable participation

A quick way to find a customer is “profitable participation.” In this way, another business whose target audience is the same as yours will use the database it has created to promote your business.

It may introduce your product with a special gift or discount at the end of its newsletter or postal packages. For example, a hairdresser can advertise your health products and make a profit. Another example is a school that can introduce your book. Some sites may be willing to introduce your product to their fans.

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