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The role of international advertise

The role of international advertise

There are many definitions for advertising and international advertise. Still, in general, it can be said that advertising is “trying to influence others”, i.e. advertising “communicating through advertising to persuade others and change their opinions on certain issues.”In general, advertising is “the dissemination of actions or positions that affect the behavior or thoughts of both.”

 International advertise

Advertising in the international arena, regardless of the nationality of those who do propaganda work, transcends global borders; that is, institutions or individuals from a particular government transmit international promotion to the inhabitants of another country. Gereh Market is also using international advertising to promote its goods.

global advertising

This type of advertising is based on various principles:

1) This advertisement tries to create a suitable atmosphere to promote what they are trying to spread.

2) Pay particular attention to foreign markets.

3) Due to the differences in the characteristics of the recipients of the advertising message and the relevant conditions, it is evident that the advertising methods within the external methods of advertising are different.

4) Hiring and using explanatory forms in international advertisements requires knowledge of local conditions. For example, if the wave of international propaganda is directed at India, there is no need for the cow to be used as a propaganda wave because the cow is holy and sacred. In the Far East, the Chinese consider white a symbol of mourning and red a symbol of happiness, but in the Middle East and East Africa, blue is considered a color of happiness. Translating advertisements from one language to another is noteworthy, as it is essential to note the differences between the English and American accents in international promotion. Problems are translating a text from another language, especially in technical translation, because it is necessary to translate the meaning fundamentally, even if the content of some words changes as necessary.

global advertising can be seen in industrial, commercial, and professional fields. In addition to holding exhibitions and international trade markets, International advertising is done through cinemas worldwide. In recent years, the totality of international radio advertising has increased with radio and television stations in different countries, and the interest in this type of international advertising to promote consumer goods is increasing. Due to the tremendous evolution that has taken place in the media and the dissemination of different cultures, some of the expected values around the world have become larger than before.

Induction in worldwide advertising

A particular dimension of worldwide advertising is induction. In addition to “communicating” and “enforcing” its particular messages, global propaganda has entered new arenas. It has made appropriate changes to its policies in public opinion by removing the element of logic and the conscience of its audiences. Is. By what means do profound changes occur – even contrary to tangible social and historical facts in public opinion? In other words, what dimension of global advertising has this extraordinary responsibility? There is no doubt that the element of “induction” plays such a role in today’s advertising.

Global advertisers

Regardless of whether their campaigns are the same or not, global advertisers usually tend to use a single creative services office to run their advertising campaigns around the world. Even if it is necessary to use different advertisements in different countries, using the services of a single office that can coordinate and integrate advertising activities in different countries will have comprehensive benefits for the advertiser. As a result, all the major advertising agencies have organized their organizations in such a way that they can provide the necessary services to their international clients. They appoint people as their global customer service managers who can take good responsibility for delivering the services expected by advertising agency clients worldwide.

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