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What is a B2B marketplace?

What is a B2B marketplace?

According to a report by Statista1, global business-to-business (B2B marketplace), e-commerce transactions totaled $ 12.2 trillion in 2019. One of the most significant trends in B2B e-commerce is the rise of the B2B market.

The effect of this online marketplace business model cannot be underestimated because it redefines the business connection between B2B purchasers and sellers and acts as a network point.

With the continuous development of this trend, this is an excellent opportunity for traditional B2B wholesalers and distributors to adopt the online market model to stay ahead of the competition.

 B2B marketplace is an e-commerce platform that brings together B2B sellers and buyers, allowing them to conduct business online in one place.

Like their B2C counterparts, companies sell their products (usually through B2B bulk sales) and other value-added services, but in the B2B market, sellers are brands, manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, and customers are other companies.

These transactions are processed online by market operators.

 Depending on the nature of B2B sales, the B2B market may also be referred to by other names, including B2B trading platforms, B2B purchasing or purchasing websites, B2B portals, multi-vendor markets, catalogs, and B2B catalogs, and more. Industrial B2B marketplace in Iran is growing rapidly every year.

The meaning of B2B

 The abbreviation “B2B” means “business to business. ” It usually represents a business model that involves a company providing services or products for other companies rather than individual consumers.

The term has become synonymous with online transactions in recent years and is also applied to software as a service (SaaS) products, B2B marketing companies, and other commercial supply companies.

 If you do business with an SME (midsize company), you will most likely get in touch with a B2B firm at some point in your career. That is why it is very important to understand this principle better. We have different types of B2B markets.

 Also, it is worth mentioning that you should refer to the Iranian Manufacturers Directory if you are looking for a list of Iranian industrial manufacturers. Therefore, you can find the proper manufacturer and create the B2B market you want.

How is the competition in the B2B marketplace? 

 The competition in the B2B marketplace field is getting fiercer, and the opportunities are also great. For many people, selling in the B2B e-commerce market is a great way to expand their B2B network and increase sales.

Small and medium enterprises with limited marketing budgets may benefit from getting the best results in the short to medium term.

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