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About Gereh Market

Gereh Market is the result of the thinking of a number of young and efficient managers in the field of marketing. They have gathered their years of marketing experience all over the world as well as participating in international exhibitions. To be able to provide their services to manufacturers and suppliers around the world for free in the form of a site.

The launch of the site was reinforced by the pandemic of Coronavirus, to cover the gap between the impossibility of in-person and traditional marketing (customer acquisition) during the outbreak of Coronavirus, as well as the inability to attend international exhibitions.
Knowing that overseas marketing is costly for reputable manufacturers and suppliers around the world, Gereh Market committed to launching a kind of marketing that is based on artificial intelligence style and eliminating the physical presence of the marketing, which it is a sub-branch of Guerrilla Marketing.
It should be noted that the Gereh market is also looking to use artificial intelligence in its field of activity and the research and development team of this collection is optimistic about the realization of this important matter very soon.