International transit of goods and services through North-South and West-East export corridors centered on Iran

International transit of goods and services through North-South and West-East export corridors centered on Iran

The geographic location of Iran makes it an ideal hub for international transportation corridors. In recent years, the country has significantly increased its role as a major link in the Silk Road and has become a critical part of the broader Eurasian land-based transportation network. As Iran’s economic and strategic importance continues to grow, so too will its role in international transportation corridors. This article explores how Iran’s geography plays an important role in international transport and how this could benefit its economy. 

Iran geography and Natural Resources 
Iran is located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, making it strategically important for trade between these continents. It also serves as a bridge between East Asia, Middle East/Gulf countries, Central Asia/Caspian region states and Russia to Europe as well as Africa via Turkey or Egypt/Red Sea routes. Furthermore, with access to major waterways such as the Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea along with five navigable rivers — Karun River (Khuzestan province), Sefid River (Fars province), Karkheh River (Khorasan Razavi province), Arvandroud (Khuzestan province) and Atrak River (Golestan province) — Iran provides multiple choices for international maritime connections by vessels sailing northward towards former Soviet republics like Turkmenistan or further onward to Eastern European ports on Black sea or Baltic sea coasts.  

Additionally, due to natural resources such as oil reserves estimated at 1 billion barrels per day in addition with gas reserves amounting approximately 1 trillion cubic meters annually; this provides vital energy resources required by many countries around world especially those who are close neighbors through development of energy corridor connecting them all together using Iranian soil accordingly; this kind of connection has seen new dynamics especially from recently becoming connected parties like Pakistan having now access to Persian gulf seaside where they can have direct imports from their buyers without need for any third party intermediaries which thus increases efficiency while reducing cost simultaneously  . 

Infrastructure Connections  
As part of its regional strategic plan “Look West Policy” initiated since 2001 through different projects such Chabahar port construction project started jointly with Indian government along side other steps taken like signing agreement related railroads track extension into neighbor Afghanistan allowing continuation all way long up till Turkey border lands offering loads various commodities transported across four nations within one single ride , Iranian government took many measures aimed at utilizing vast potential stemming from their unique geographic location . Recently signed agreements regarding railway infrastructure developments helped connect country's rail networks directly into Europe via Azerbaijan , Georgia & Turkey according signals given after inauguration ceremony held July 2017 inaugurating first shipment sent from Tehran towards Baku which would then reach destination city Istanbul . This development opened door wide opportunities involving trading partners belonging EEU block providing essential commodities linkages both ways North-South & West-East directions offered within same service package connecting back territories belonging Southern Caucasus Republics connected through Azerbaijan directly India & China taking enormous chunk out total journey time done previously when ships had take longer route due entering more than two nations before reaching end destination point .    

Economic Benefits  
Economic benefits generated due activity surging increase presence goods been shipped across numerous shipping corridors linking large number regions together include tremendous potential exported products mainly consisting foodstuffs , grains , fruits & vegetables that used transfer canned hospitality & tourism industry goods other related services within region depending perspective being taken either way catering demand well provided supply ready produce desired results aimed during entire process . Furthermore advantage gained near vicinity proximity petroleum reservoirs located Saddam Dam area near Iraq border allows quick access necessary materials needed fuel type production activities mainly petrochemical engineering sectors dealing directly producing derivatives out main crude oil base product itself generating additional income stream didn't exist before option created once made viable way explore resource abundant flow accessible location lacking only suitable infrastructures facilities needed complete task successfully accomplishing ultimate goal behind original mission statement credited during initial stage planning phase developing innovative solutions available current market conditions serve purpose customers paying knowing what expect obtain results quality standards set enabling finally leverage every potential gained thus far surpassing expectations brought front once deal sealed tight handshake done permanently seal pact underway final stretch road leading prosperous future most desirable outcome ever sought after aiming higher each passing minute passing forth control direction heading understanding importance keeping promises made while delivering even better quality services expecting arrive same time spot perfect place work hard deliver much awaited surprises yearning fulfilled dreams knows nothing limits accept sky above head figuratively speaking course !            

Iran’s geography makes it an ideal hub for international transportation corridors that link various regions across continents including Europe, Asia Pacific Region (APR), Central Asian Republics(CARS)and African states neighbouring them respectively based upon already established infrastructure projects mentioned earlier including Chabahar port project followed by railway tracks connecting four countries altogether carrying cargo shipments outgoing coming home bound destinations accompanied additional benefits observed example commodity exports increasing revenues generated accessed conveniently thanks advanced technological advances witnessed decade bringing ever closer dream actually seeing integrated super highway highway implemented reality meanwhile ongoing efforts continuing date pushing boundaries further each day coming closer achieving success rate expected originally planned bring fruition accomplish envisioned goals mind ultimately serving people living around area environed prosper generation come pass ahead us civilization advancement far too soon predict however sure thing certain chances high have bright future staring right back face !

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