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公司名 : Gardesh AfarinPars


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GAP (Gardesh Afarinan Pars) is an esteemed tour and travel operator in Iran. We offer affordable Tour Packages for Persia that is known for its architecture, art, history, glory, greatness and beauty all around the world. We promise a relaxing and memorable holiday to our tourists in Persia. We help our tourists to have the best time of their lives by making all the necessary arrangements. We have the knowledge of all the routs, attractions and ancient places in Persia that enable our tourists to have a quick trip around the place with increased time for appreciating the beauty and understanding the culture as individual and group tourists. GAP (Gardesh Afarinan Pars) was established in 2009 with a vision to plan dream trips for our tourists. We offer frequent tours to Persia that is the most unforeseeable historical, cultural, hospitable and social destinations on earth. Owing to our experience in this domain, our company is emerging as one of the leading establishments, active in the field of travel and tourism.

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  •    地址 : No.137- South Sohrevardi St. 15667-Tehran- Iran
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