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The Cappadocia Region of Anatolia has a history of thousands of years in social, political and cultural terms throughout history due to its geological and topographic features. Cappadocia has always maintained its geopolitical importance due to its geographical location. Particularly during the Assyrian Trade Colonies, Hittite, Seljuk, Roman and Byzantine Empires, the fact that the trade routes coming from east-west and north-south were located at the junction point increased the geopolitical importance of the region. In Cappadocia, where is one of the most characteristic landscapes of the world, surface forms developed due to volcanism, tectonism and erosion. The highest point of the region is the peak of Erciyes with 3917 meters and Hasandağ complex with 3268 meters. The Büyük and Küçük Hasan Mountains, the Melendiz Mountain and the Keçidoyran Mountain between them have a magnificent structure in Central Anatolia with their heights reaching up to 3300 meters and their smooth cone shapes. The geological structure of the Cappadocia Region is formed by the gas, solid and flowing substances throw out from volcanoes. Cappadocia Region has become a preferred center in almost every period due to the fact that volcanic lands have fertile soils and large tuff plates formed by ignimbrite eruptions create splits by rivers to provide protection and shelter. Information derived from archaeological excavations and surveys in Cappadocia Region, there are cultural remains of Paleolithic, Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Bronze Ages, Iron Age and later Hellenistic – Roman and Byzantine and Seljuk Periods which constitute the basis of tourism economy of the region today.

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