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Free international advertising

In this article, we will talk about B2B ad registration sites and how it differs from B2C and C2C.

Free is a word that everyone uses to achieve their goals. With the advent of the Internet, a new chapter in the registration of advertisements was formed and different platforms were created for the placement of free advertisements.

The purpose of posting an ad is generally to suggest buying or selling a product or service that is placed by the user on a virtual network platform.


Types of free ad registration platforms

This time it is not a slogan! The first encounter is very important. When you first meet someone, the way you look and act is recorded in their mind. Undoubtedly, the Internet platform can also be the creator of the first Internet encounter to show your business to others in search engines.

Your use of a variety of free ad registration platforms to promote your product or service is one of the primary drivers of your business.


Types of free and non-free awareness registration platforms :




Free B2B (Business-to-Business) Ad Registration Websites often provide services to business owners.

These websites are available for free and are available in a variety of categories depending on the type of activity they perform and the size of the market. One of the Iranian-international examples of these websites is the Gereh Market website.

B2C (business- to-consumer) ad registration platform is another platform of this model, which can be mentioned as a free internal example and a free internal B2C like and its external example also referred to the site

C2C websites are designed to connect the consumer to the consumer and can be referred to as the wall website.

The purpose of all of these platforms is to facilitate communication between buyers and sellers, and to a large extent have had a direct impact on economic growth and prosperity, and money circulation.

You can submit your purchase or sale offer on Gereh Market website without any cost and with a few clicks, and in a short time, you can export your product or find the supplier of the product you want to import.