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Company name : canary basmati


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Our Story

Once upon a time, a young Omani boy named Thumrait joined his merchant father Sheikh in an epic journey that would forever change their destiny in search of the most fragrant long grain basmati rice along the ancient scenic silk route.


Upon descending the fertile lands at the foothills of the Himalaya Mountains the caravan led by his father Sheikh setup camp for the night, they light a bonfire and prepared dinner to the cheerful tunes of Thumrait Oud


Suddenly a bright yellow Canary landed on the tip of his Oud and started to sing along while the caravan gathered around them enjoying their dinner.


After the show Thumrait offered the yellow Canary some of his food and water before going to sleep.


In the morning as the caravan set about in their quest the yellow Canary bird was still there, standing on a tree branch singing cheerfully and jumping from one tree branch to another, landing, looking back at Thumrait as if to lead him somewhere so Thumrait followed the yellow Canary and so did the caravan, they travelled all day until they reached a green majestic plane where they were met by yet another yellow canary.


The yellow canary as a token of appreciation to the traditional Omani hospitality in sharing their food has lead them to the end of their quest. They found the most fragrant long grain basmati rice the land had to offer.


Sheikh partnered with the locals who cultivated the endless fragrant basmati rice fields and together harvested the crop and introduced it in their homeland where it was highly appreciated by the people of Oman.


Ever since that fateful day the fragrance of heritage became synonymous with the Canary long grain Basmati rice.

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