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  • Modern Hydraulic press plant in Rusyal produces Kerbstones,Edges and Paving slabs complying with Omani and British Standards Specifications.

  • Fully automatic block plant. Produces steam cured blockes and interlock tiles. A heating unit and a series of curing chambers are part of the auto system. Products conform to the highest standards.

  • To ensure top quality always, a complete quality control testing laboratory is part of this plant, to carry out compression and tensile stengths tests. Quality control at all stages from raw materials to finished products. High grade aggregrades from Oriental crushers used to produce all concrete products.

  • Sufficient stock of all material is always maintained in the spacious storage yard facilities. A large fleet of crane mounted trailers facilitate prompt and efficient delivery to customers' work site.

  •    City :
  •    Address : P.O.Box 666 CPO. Rusayl, Muscat, P.C.111. Sultanate of Oman. c
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  •    Phone numbers : (+968) 24446560