Choosing Gereh Market as a International Marketer :

Marketing is an important part of any business. Although you can do some marketing processes yourself, outsourcing an important part of it to experts in this field is not without merit and will be a very useful decision.
You can use the expertise of Gereh Market Company experts as your marketer to facilitate the overseas marketing of your goods or services.
Nowadays, most individuals or companies to enter the new market use the expertise and experience of reputable international marketing companies that provide specialized marketing services abroad, which play an important role in the sale and supply of their goods or services in the country and internationally.

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Tariffs :

Plan type Cost Percentage of each invoice
Six month plan 3,000 $ 5 to 15 percent
One year plan 5,500 $ 5 to 15 percent

What are you looking for to achieve your overseas sales goal?

overseas sales

If you are still reading the rest of this article, it means that you are looking for something important, and that is a professional and experienced marketing team that can be by your side from zero to hundred percent marketing and sales of your product, and you can benefit from their experience and expertise in all export fields.

Why do you choose Gereh Market international marketing services?

چرا انتخاب گره مارکت؟

Gereh Market will actually all the services that a real person by being in your company does, perform as a marketer in the form of a law firm. In fact, you hire Gereh Market as your own marketer. So, just like the person who is sitting in your company and in his office and is responsible for marketing and selling your product, our experts will be by your side until the moment of exporting and selling your product and even delivering it to the customer. So we do all the marketing services for you from zero to hundred percent and export your product.

This is the motto of Gereh Market team :
"If you have two important export components, i.e. a high-quality product that can compete with global quality and a competitive price that is at the level or lower than the global price, we will add two components to it that these two components will find a position It is geographical and finding traders or importers, and this is where you will get our 100% promise regarding the exportation of your product.

High quality product
Competitive price
Find geographic location
Find traders or importers

Areas covered by Gereh Market international marketing :


Asia Pacific

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West Asia Basin

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The United States

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European area

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Eurasian Basin

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Middle East and North Africa

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Persian Gulf Basin

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