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اسم الشركة : Maliki Stone Factory


I founded the Maliki Stone Factory 40 years ago and took over its management from the beginning. The current success of this complex is the result of continuous and unremitting efforts, along with innovation and discipline. Attracting and training honest, diligent, serious and interested colleagues has helped us in this important matter. The following collection is part of the remnants of this collaboration and effort, which can be instructive and encouraging for those interested in specific, complex and creative works. Improving the quality of work has not stopped us from developing, and we are currently building a factory with an area of ​​five hectares, with a base of twenty-five thousand square meters and equipped with the most advanced equipment in Iran, and we intend to provide all services related to stone.

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  •    Address : No. 1, Homayoun Alley, Bukan St., Niavaran St., Tehran
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  •    Phone numbers : 02156541395