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اسم الشركة : Concrete tabesh


about us
Tabesh Beton Company is currently ready to perform various activities in various fields of work, relying on the experiences of its expert forces.

history of the company
Tabesh Beton Construction Company was registered on 5/15/1367, in order to implement the country's development projects, under registration number 1167. Using practical experiences and employing specialized and experienced personnel, this company has been able to complete several projects at the national level with the success and satisfaction of the employer.

Tabesh Beton Construction Company with a favorable background in the implementation of assigned projects, and relying on organizational efficiency and technical knowledge of its experts and using new technologies and methods in implementation and construction, as well as financial and economic principles, compared to Execution of construction projects and facilities and equipment with the desired quality and observance of timing in implementation will increase the satisfaction of customers and employers of projects.

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  •    Address : Arak - Shahid Ghodoosi Boulevard - Saman Engineering Building - 8th floor - Unit 804
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