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اسم الشركة : Sirjan Gol Gohar Steel


Gol Gohar Iron and Steel Development Company is one of the subsidiaries of Gol Gohar Mine, which in 1391 with the mission of producing 7.3 million tons of sponge iron by Midrex method and 3 million tons of steel by thin slab method and hot rolled sheet to produce various types. Quality and commercial sheets were established in Gol Gohar Industrial Zone, located 55 km from Sirjan city. This company has been introduced as one of the most advanced iron and steel production units in the region by using the latest knowledge and technology in the world and domestic power.Regarding the capabilities of this company in the field of steel and sponge iron production, it is enough that various projects such as sponge iron production project by Midrex Gohar method, cold briquette production project and sponge iron production by Midrex Kosar method are serious and fast in Iron and Development Company. Steel is done and all the mentioned projects are active. Iron and Steel Development Company is a leading company, completing the production chain in Gol Gohar region and supplying steel products in the way of creating lasting values ​​for all stakeholders. Will reach downstream.

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  •    Address : Head Office: No. 22, West 31st, Alvand St., Argentina Square
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  •    Phone numbers : 021-8819-7671