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اسم الشركة : Iran Aluminum Company


Iralco, as the first producer of aluminum ingots in Iran, is located on a 232-hectare land at km 5 of Arak-Tehran road. The issue of establishing Iralco factory was approved by the Cabinet in 1346 and related to construction, installation of facilities, construction of facilities and cases related to construction of facilities, and began in 1347 and in 1351 with two production lines and a capacity of 4500 tons. Was put into operation. After the day of the Islamic Revolution and the addition of another line to the production project, the production capacity of primary aluminum reached 12,000 per year, which includes a variety of ingots to tee bar, هزار 1,000, Ray-cast alloys, billets, slabs and..Subsequently, in order to observe the environmental issues, the construction of an aluminum production plant with a technology of 200 kA was knocked to the ground in 2002 and put into operation in 2007. The production capacity of Iran Aluminum Company is currently taking into account lines 1 and 2. The old workshop has reached more than 180,000 tons per year. About 11,000 factories and workshops with more than 250,000 people are employed in aluminum-related industries.

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  •    Address : Tehran - Mulla Sadra St., after Kurdistan Crossroads, No. 49
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  •    Phone numbers : 021-88049760