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اسم الشركة : azar halab


Azar halab Company was established in 1979 in the city of Tabriz and now, as one of the largest producers of various types of metal cans and metal cans, the Easy Open quadrangular door in the country is considered. The company offers the safest hygienic packaging for food by using the most modern lacquer and sheet printing equipment and the production of sanitary cans and glass doors. Azar halab Company is able to use the power of its staff and advanced machines. Meets customer needsAnd produces products that, in addition to being at a high level in terms of quality, also meet the demands of customers in terms of diversity. The result of combining modern technology with the skills and knowledge of the company's personnel is to provide high quality products. All stages of varnishing, printing, production of Aleppo, production of doors, quality control and packaging are performed with advanced equipment.

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  •    Address : Tabriz, 10 km of Tehran road
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  •    Phone numbers : 041-36373227