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List of free ad post b2b websites

Let’s take a look at free ad post b2b websites. Adding your products and services to a free advertising website is a quick, simple, and affordable way to gain visibility for your business. This is especially true for local businesses. Most free advertising websites are established for local businesses, using a classified advertising design and structure.

 However, as you will see, the top of our list focuses on other free advertising options that are more interesting to many marketers looking for space to add for free.  And because of the free commercial advertising website, you don't have to choose between reaching your target audience and spending your entire limited marketing budget on a single campaign.

Google My Business

free ad post b2b, Google My Business, marketing



Google My Business is an online website that allows you to connect with customers through Google Search and Google Maps for free.  To start using Google's free advertising website, you need to submit a professional website URL and other details about your business. In turn, this website will combine this information in its lists to ensure that your website appears when users search for related content categories.

eBay, a huge free ad post b2b website

 free ad post b2b, Google My Business, marketing



eBay is still one of the best high-traffic free ad post b2b websites. If you want to acquire a large number of potential customers, you can post to it. eBay has more than 30 international sites and a broader influence in more than 100 countries/regions worldwide. It is an excellent sales platform, especially if you want to expand your business abroad.  Due to its size and status and good search engine optimization (SEO) rankings, eBay listings are more well-known than most other sites.

In addition, eBay has an excellent social media influence and a good fan base.


 Locanto is a traditional free advertising website available in 60 countries. Like Craigslist, you can utilize Locanto's online classifieds site to sell items and administrations, contact work candidates, and discover/list where you live.  However, a key difference is that Locanto is very suitable for companies trying to build or have a significant community influence. That's because Locanto has special categories for event ticket sales, entertainment, courses, and community services.

 Although not joint, some cities may require a premium account to advertise. However, Locanto is a genuinely free advertising website for most users. Another difference between Craigslist is that Locanto ads are active on the site for 60 days instead of 30 days. The ads on the platform include options to include images, videos, and hypertext markup language that link to your website.

 Finally, another popular feature of Locanto is its social media and analytics buttons. Although limited, these features are a good supplement, allowing you to manage your ad traffic better.


Another top free advertising website that can be considered for small business marketing is Oodle.  Oodle is one of the largest accessible advertising networks because it can connect your social media accounts and local listings from websites such as eBay,, newspapers, etc. Oodle provided the impetus for Facebook's original marketplace.

Gerehmarket can also advertise your products for a small price.

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